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Posted on: March 10, 2020

We have a new website!

Welcome to our new website! Over the past 6 months we’ve been working to redesign an easier to use, searchable and appealing new site. Here are some new features and capabilities:

  1. Forgot your password, no problem
    Just hit sign in and use the Forgot Password link or use Facebook to login. Gone are the days of calling the office to reset your access. Our new login is secure and reliable.

  2. Access community information on any device.
    The website was created to work on your desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

  3. We’re now with the times
    Our website is concise, organized and beautiful! We will refresh the website with photos that reflect Virginia Run, stories from the Horn and up to date information! Our digital curbside appeal now reflects who we are as a community, vibrant, colorful and awesome.

  4. Notifications your way
    Do you only want updates on Community events. No problem. Only community news? You got it. Want those via email or as text messages? Yep! The notification page allows you to specify what kinds of notifications you’d like and how you’d like them. Set your Notification Preferences

  5. Up to date calendars
    This community has more than Board Meeting updates. Yoga on Saturdays, Community events, Riptide meets, and all of these are easy to access as a master calendar or individual calendars. If you’re a super geek, you can update your phone calendar to reflect community events. View the Master Calendar

  6. Book Community Amenities
    Want to book the Community Center or Pool? A simple calendar will show all activities at each Facility. Book time on the facility calendar to easily notify Management and block your reservation. View the Facilities

  7. Reserve and pay
    Some community events may have attendance limits (Yoga). You can sign up for certain activities, see where you are on a waitlist, and pay from our new website.

  8. Search works
    Curious about ARB standards for Fences? Type “Fence” in the search bar. Want to find Giovanni in the Resident directory? Type “Fantastic Guy” in the search bar (well not everything works the way it should). Interested in Meeting Minutes? You get the drill. Our search will be much more comprehensive and as we grow into the new website, search will improve.

  9. Clear access to documents and forms
    You can fill out an ARB application form on the website or find common community documents.

  10. Message board
    While most use Virginia Run Friends & Neighbors to connect with other neighbors, the website will continue to support message board functionality.

And the list goes on and on! This website is the foundation. In the future we will create targeted mini websites that are easy to find from search engines like Google. We will continually add stories and photos that reflect our community. We will listen and improve continually. But we finally have a means to serve our neighborhood and reflect who we are.

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